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Fundraisers and Fundraising Ideas

We have assembled some of the best fundraisers and fundraising ideas as well as tips from the best fundraising minds to help you.

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Not sure what you want or need information fast? We have Sponsor organizations standing by to assist you with finding the fundraiser that is right for you. Click here and fill in our free information form. Fundraising information and ideas will be sent to you from our Sponsors to help you decide what kind of fundraiser will work best for your organization. Click here for free fundraising information.

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Check our directory of fundraisers with all sorts of ideas. If it is used as a fundraiser, you will probably find it.  For example: candy fundraisers, food fundraisers, candle fundraisers and various discount fundraisers. There is also a directory of fundraisers for various types of groups such as elementary school fundraisers, high school fundraisers, church fundraisers as well as Boy/Girl Scout Fundraising and others.

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Ideas & Info

If you want some fresh fundraising ideas, need tips or want to find out more about a particular fundraising company, jump over to our fundraising blog, The Fundraising Site.  It contains tips and ideas as well as the “Spotlight On” series.  “Spotlight On” let’s you know about individual fundraising companies, what they offer and whether or not you should consider them as your fundraising program supplier.

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Help TFN help you! We are able to provide this information free to you because of the advertising that appears on our web sites.  Throughout our sites, you will see banners letting you know about various fundraisers that are available. If you see one that interests you, please click and check it out. You might find a fundraiser that works perfectly for your group, and it helps us at the same time.

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